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3 Awesome Things That Bone Broth Can Do For You

4 Awesome Things That Bone Broth Can Do For You

Bone broth is an interesting thing, it’s extremely healthy, most people what it is and how healthy it can be, yet it’s still very underused when it comes to being used as a health food. Today we’ll be counting down a number of health benefits that you get when you eat/drink this superfood.

But first, let’s learn what bone broth (also known as stock) really is, where it comes from and how it’s used. Bone broth infusion of water, plus the flavors and mineral-packed properties of whatever type bones that you put in the pot. Most commonly people will use chicken bones and beef bones, but it can be done with just about anything.

You don’t just plop in some bones and let it sit though, you take things like celery, carrot, parsley, herbs, spices and all kinds of other flavorful things and place them in the pot, along with the water and bones.

Like we said before, the amount of minerals that come into play here is absolutely insane, it’s super healthy, super common and super easy to incorporate into your’s and your loved ones’ lives. What’s shocking is that it seems like that in many other cultures, broth is a very normal thing to consume on a regular basis, often just by drinking it in the same you’d drink tea or coffee.

Bone broth is known as a super food. The cooking process breaks down bones and connective tissues – including proteins, minerals and fat – that heal the body in various ways. And because bone broth comes from pure nature, it’s sometimes more beneficial than taking supplements, especially for people with severe digestive problems.

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Health Benefit #1: Protects You From Injuring Your Joints and Developing Other Bone-Related Conditions
Now, there are plenty of different ways that we’ve been told to fix up our bones over the years, certain supplements, certain drugs, certain  behaviors, drinking more milk, the list goes on… But one of the most popular and common ways treating joint pain and other bone-related problems is to take the little things called glucosamine pills, well, unbeknownst to most people, bone broth actually contains glucosamine too. That means that, along with the glucosamine, you also get tons of super-healthy vitamins and minerals that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Health Benefit #2: Make You Look And Feel Younger/Healthier
Bone broth has tons of something called collagen, which, surprise, is exactly what your fingernails and toenails are made from. Not only does it boost the health and growth of your nails, but it also gives your hair and skin a huge boost in quality.

Health Benefit #3: Give You A Big Energy Boost To Get You Through Your Day
There is definitely some more research that needs to be done on this, but nearly everyone you see who talks about using bone broth on a regular basis and what it does for them nearly always will talk about the energy boost they get from it.


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