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Awesome Herbs That Can Naturally Prevent Cancer in The Body


Look, we all know cancer’s terrible… It wreaks havoc on the body, kills people we love and plenty of the so-called “cures/treatments” for it either don’t work, have a despicably low chance of working and/or cause nearly cause just as much damage as the cancer does already. It’s a pretty nasty situation for anyone who has the awful misfortune of getting cancer, but there’s so much stuff to do in order to prevent it, stuff to eat, stuff to drink, stuff to avoid eating, the list goes on… So, today we’re counting down the top delicious and nutritious herbs that help fight off and prevent cancer. Some of the best things about herbs is that they’re ridiculously easy to grow (just place them on the windowsill) they contain valuable nutrients for fighting cancer and they’re fairly cheap compared to so many other health-foods. Oh yeah, they also smell absolutely amazing, so you’re giving your body a boost while freshening up your house as well. It’s a pretty good deal.


Oregano’s actually been mentioned here on this site before, and for good reason… It’s immensely beneficial to your health and it just might be my favorite smell on the entire planet, it’s the smell most of us associate with pizza because of how consistently oregano is an ingredient in the italian dish. But now onto the cancer-fighting benefits, first off, because something it contains called rosmarinic acid, a little substance that’s quite the pint-sized powerhouse when it comes to battling cancer in the body. Second off, there was a very, very interesting study done on oregano in India, with colon cancer, where it was found that supplementing oregano oil actually was effective at modulating the cancer’s development. A very promising study indeed.


This little guy smells also has one of the best smells that I’ve ever found, seriously, this is what heaven smells like. Similarly to oregano, it contains rosmarinic acid, but it also has high concentrations in other little cancer-fighters such as thymol and carvacrol, both of which are known as polyphenols. It even has some amazing antioxidants that are really great at warding off cancer. In fact, it was found that it significantly decreased oxidative damage to the DNA, because of this, it helps a great deal in preventing any and all forms of cancer in the body. Seriously, thyme is amazing and eating more of it should definitely be considered by everyone reading this.


Now this is a big one, while cilantro is an acquired taste and not everyone is that fond of it, it’s definitely a taste that you should try to like a bit better, because it’s super-duper incredible at fighting off cancer. Why? Because it’s some amazing antioxidants in it, antioxidants like beta-carotene, quercetin and rutin. It removes heavy metals from the body, which is vital for maintaining good health and also has been used in chelation therapy, which is a therapy used to treat people who suffer from lead poisoning. So not only does it eat away at the chances of getting cancer, but it also is effective against other ailments that so many people suffer from, pretty sweet when you think about it.




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