Home Diet and Fitness Are You Eating ENOUGH Sprouts? If You’re A Human, Probably Not

Are You Eating ENOUGH Sprouts? If You’re A Human, Probably Not

Are You Eating ENOUGH Sprouts? If You're A Human, Probably Not

You really should be eating more vegetable sprouts… Not just because everyone else is. But, actually because of their incredible health benefits that your missing out on.

Today we’ll be talking about all the things that these sprouts can do for you, as well as listing just a few of the many sprouts that are super good for you.

While it’s not required, it’s actually a really, really, really good idea to have your own your own sprouts growing on your windowsill. It’s actually ridiculously easy to do and requires nowhere near as much effort or attention as even a tiny garden does.

But why should you grow your own sprouts? Here’s why, it’s so that you can have them year-round and never stop getting their benefits, even when they go out of season in the supermarkets.

Now, let’s talk about what sprouts you should be eating, as well as what they do for you.

Please keep in mind though, it’s pretty dang hard to find an unhealthy veggie sprout, so if any sprouts that you like/want to try aren’t on here, don’t worry, this is just a little cherry-picked collection of our personal favorites.


Clover Sprouts

Coming at the top of our sprout list, we have clover sprouts. Why are they so great though? Well, they’re a great source of tons of nutrients, they are extremely easy, plus they are often a bit spicier than other sprouts, not enough to really offend anyone’s taste palette, but definitely enough to provide a nice bit of extra flavor. Their abundance of nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin A, B complex, vitamin K, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Coming in at number two, we have alfalfa sprouts, probably the lesser-known out of the three sprouts on our list, but that certainly how doesn’t change how healthy they are for you.

Alfalfa sprouts are a part of the pea family and they provide you with tons of health benefits as well as flavor that could probably be described as sweet-ish and nutty-ish, they don’t taste bad at all.

You can add them to salads, juices, smoothies and plenty of other meals without compromising the flavor of the food, but also adding tons of extra health benefits.

They have vitamins galore inside of them, including vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. What’s more is that you can get a bunch of chlorophyll in your diet (that’s really amazing by the way) by putting these sprouts into direct sun while you’re grow them, although you should probably look up a full, in-depth tutorial online or in the library to get a better understanding of what happens, how to do it and possible pitfalls along the way. You’d hate to kill you amazing sprout and miss out on a year-round source of healthy food.

Arugula Sprouts

Similar to all the others, it’s really good for you, doesn’t have an incredibly strong flavor, has tons of minerals and vitamins and is super easy to grow for yourself. Add these guys to anything you want, or just eat them plain, they’re actually quite refreshing at times.


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