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4 Tips & Tricks To Prevent Cancer Each And Every Day

4 Tips & Tricks To Prevent Cancer Each And Every Day

Most people cross fingers and hope they don’t get cancer. But there are things you can do now to lower risk of this deadly disease. In fact, doing these things will reduce risk of all chronic diseases.

Research shows that genetics, environmental exposure, smoking, physical activity and diet are the possible causes of cancer.

Here’s what you should do today to prevent and fight cancer.

Reduce intake of sugar and alcohol

Regular, excessive consumption of alcohol can increase risk of cancer. Alcohol weakens the body and reduces its ability break down and absorb vitamins and minerals.

Sugar is believed to fuel growth of cancer cells. In this animal study, researchers found that size of tumors increased when mice were fed high amounts of sucrose. These effects can be experienced regardless of whether you use table sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

You have to avoid processed foods to reduce intake of sugar. 80 percent of processed foods have sugar.

Avoid inflammation-causing foods

You’ve heard of anti-inflammatory foods over and over, well, there are pro-inflammatory foods as well. They include processed meats, sodas, hydrogenated oils, red meat (overconsumption), and refined carbs.

Research shows that people with chronic inflammation have higher risk of cancer. Eating pro-inflammatory foods long-term damages cells and tissues. This makes the body prone to diseases and increases risk of cancer.

Increase intake of plant-based foods

Numerous studies show that plant-based foods reduce risk of cancer. These foods are rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals and prevent different cancers.

Research shows that vegetarians have an 18 percent lower risk of cancer than non-vegetarians. I may also note that plant-based diets prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Get enough exposure to sunlight

Almost 50 percent of American adults have vitamin D deficiency, according to research. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer. Researchers found that there was a 77 percent reduction of cancer incidences in women who took vitamin D supplements.

Exposing yourself to the sun each day will give you all the vitamin D you need.

Foods rich in vitamin D include: eggs, wild-caught fish, and mushrooms.


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