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4 “Super” Foods That Help Make Your Child The Smartest Kid in Class


4 "Super" Foods That Help Make Your Child The Smartest Kid in Class

Food… It’s one of the things that makes us function at all. It’s fuel, like gas to a car. Good quality gas makes the car run above average, bad quality gas, on the other hand, makes it run below average. The exact same can be said about food and humans… Not only does fuel run your heart, kidneys, liver and lungs, but it also runs your brain (plus everything else in your body) Your brain is what tells your body what to do, your brain is telling you to keep reading this article right now, your brain has told you to do everything you ever did, ever. Because of this, you definitely wanna be taking care of it and consuming the highest quality fuel for your brain.

1Eggs: Considering just how many amazing health benefits that eggs have, it’s surprising that you don’t hear their name pop up in the superfood conversation more often. They have tons of nutrients, although the most prominent and also probably the most important being choline. Choline is essential for making your brain be a better thinker… Seeing as it helps with both brain development and memory function, as well as helping the brain communicate with the rest of your body. Eggs also can help make it so that you need little to none extra vitamin/mineral supplementation within your diet.

2Oily Fish: Oh boy, it’s time for Omega 3 fatty acids, these healthy fats are really healthy, especially when it comes to brain and eye development, making them perfect for this particular list, as well as many others. One of the very best sources, arguably the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids, are oily fish, these types of fish include salmon and mackerel. If your kid isn’t partial to fish, or happens to be vegetarian, you can always just order a supply of swallowable fish oil tablets, that have Omega 3s and DHA in them.

3Iron-rich food: Iron deficiency isn’t something you want to mess around with, especially when it’s related to your child… It can make children slow in the brain and lethargic at times, as well as reducing oxygen in the body, which includes oxygen in the brain, which impedes mental performance. This can be countered by feeding them iron rich/fortified cereals and leafy green vegetables such as spinach and parsley, broccoli is good for this too. Iron is more easily absorbed in the body when it comes from meat products, so try incorporating some iron-rich meat within your child’s diet for an even better effect.

4Avocados: There is a belief that at least 1/4th of your child’s calories should all come from unsaturated fats, this belief might very well be true, assuming that it is for now, let’s talk about how amazing avocados are for your kid’s brain. First off, they provide an immediate wall of fortification against Alzheimer’s, but even better is that they taste great, they’re easy to make taste better and you can make just about anything out of them of the top. Also, they contain plenty of Omega 3 healthy fats, so they give your brain an extra boost.


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