Home Diet and Fitness 3 Ways You Can Help Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally (IMPORTANT)

3 Ways You Can Help Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally (IMPORTANT)

3 Ways You Can Help Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally (IMPORTANT)

3 Ways You Can Help Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally (IMPORTANT)

Your thyroid’s a little gland  that’s located in your neck. This butterfly shaped hormone producer is absolutely, positively, on of the MOST important mechanisms in your body… Impacting every cell, tissue, and organ within your body… Regulating body temperature, managing weight loss and keeping your metabolism at high, healthy levels. Needless to say, it’s absolutely vital when it comes to keeping you healthy and if it’s neglected, it can lead to some very serious consequences.

What most people don’t know, is that a huge amount of us have something called hypothyroidism, what this means is that our thyroid gland has become under-active, obviously this means that our thyroid can no longer do it’s job to the full potential that it’s supposed to… What’s even worse than the amount of people that havit, is the amount of people who don’t even KNOW that they do. Suffering for years on end, without knowing or being diagnosed with what’s plaguing their body, it’s not a situation that you want to be in.

1. Healthy Fats Are Essential

Now this is a big one, Reducing, if not completely eliminating caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined carbs, and other processed foods to the full extent possible is extremely valuable when it comes to helping out your thyroid and treating hypothyroidism, as well as increasing your daily intake of things likehealthy protein sources and also healthy fats.

The reason for this is because healthy fats and cholesterol are quite literally the very building blocks of your hormones, of which, obviously include thyroid hormones. Not getting enough of them can lead to nasty things like hormone imbalances developing hypothyroidism (Which, as we said before, involves your thyroid land becoming under-active) Some of the best sources of these healthy fats include avocados, coconut oil, milk, ghee, olive oil, fish, nuts, and seeds.

2. Address Glutathione Deficiencies

Now, what is glutathione? Well, it’s is an antioxidant that has been known to strengthen your immune system as well as possessing healing properties for you the tissue inside your thyroid. Granted, the liver has the ability to make it’s very own glutathione, having poor dietary habits, chronic stress, and / or questionable lifestyle choices, can all lead to deficiencies in glutathione. In order to produce more of it, try eating foods that are known to stimulate your liver, therefore upping the amount of glutathione that can be produced… Foods like this include asparagus, avocados, garlic, grapefruit, turmeric, organic red meat, potatoes, carrots, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, and eggs.

3. Watch Out For Goitrogens

Goitrogens these little, tiny compounds that make it incresingly more and more difficult for your thyroid to produce the hormones it’s supposed to, as well as hankering it’s ability to work properly. It’s insane though, just how many foods that are considered healthy by most, actually contain this substance, which, while not always a reason not to eat them, definitely makes finding healthy food while having hypothyroidism a bit more difficult. Foods on that list include things like kale, broccoli, cabbage, watercress, peaches, pears, strawberries, millet, almonds, and peanuts.


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