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3 Simple, Easy Remedies To Treat Chest Congestion


Chest congestion is something that you or someone you know almost surely have experienced once or twice in your life. It’s not that fun. Basically, what it is is when excess fluid and mucus start to build up in the lungs.

It’s a symptom to many different sicknesses, some of which are honestly quite harmless and some of which are actually extremely dangerous. The most common symptoms/side effects of chest congestion are things like: coughing, having difficulty breathing, experiencing a pain in your chest and having a runny nose.

While it’s often quite harmless, chest congestion can make everyday life feel difficult and unhappy, there are many different ways to treat this however, so don’t worry, one is just to let the congestion run it’s course, two is to try some of those store-bought, artificial remedies that are honestly, quite unhealthy for you, and three is you could have a look at our list for some natural home remedies that really work and try some of them out for yourself.

So, without further ado, here are three lovely home remedies for treating and getting rid of chest congestion, ENJOY!

1: Increase your fluid intake

Remedy numero uno, start drinking more fluids, obviously drinking plenty of fluids is important to on a regular basis anyway, but doing it even more so when you have chest congestion is insanely valuable to you getting better. Some of the best drinks for you (besides water) include ginger tea, chamomile tea and other herbal kinds of tea. Just try to stay away from drinks that contain a whole bunch of sugar, caffeine or alcohol.

2: Use Steam and Essential Oils

This is probably the least used and least heard of remedy on this list, but honestly it’s probably the one that I’ve used and liked the most. For this treatment, we’ll be using nothing besides steam and a few essential oils. This will allow your snot to soften up and in the end will clear your chest up a lot. You can use this method in many, many different ways, for the sake of time, here are three of my favorites:

•Steam vaporizer – If you have one, use it, if don’t have one, then get it, they’re just that awesome.
•Hot showers – Quick, easy, fun and feels oh so good for your body in more ways than one.
•Steam inhalations – Put some hot water in a bowl, put some of your favorite essential oils in it (if you don’t have any favorites just tangerine or peppermint will do fine) then take a wet towel (preferably with hot water and essential oils on it as well) put it over your head, lean over the bowl and just gently, calmly breathe for around 10 minutes, although it can be longer if you wish.

3: Spice up your meals
•Garlic – What can I say? It’s a natural antibiotic that gives your immune system a quick and easy boost.
•Ginger – Eat it raw, eat it cooked, used it as a spice, ginger can do a lot for you, so just find a way to fit it in.
•Chili peppers – Full of antioxidants, they will provide a kick to your meal and act as a natural decongestant and expectorants (aiding the clearance of mucus).


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