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3 Facts That You Absolutely NEED To Know About Calcium


Calcium is one of those things that you here but literally all the time, for plenty of people, it’s even every day. But what is calcium, really? What dos it really do for us and our bodies that’s so important? Today, we’re gonna tell you several things that absolutely NEED to know about calcium and how amazing it is.

Calcium, because it isn’t as obscure as some of the other minerals, vitamins and healthy foods we talk, has become quite a bit more popular with the general public, therefore making some of them already aware of how many things calcium can do.

One of the things that calcium is probably most well known for is strengthening bones and teeth. It’s also known for being used to stop osteoporosis, a condition that involves the bones of the to start becoming thinner and weaker.

However, the average person probably doesn’t know everything that there is to know about calcium and therefore may be in the dark about all the amazing things it can do, as well as the correct ways to consume it and source it.

Well, today we’re here to tell you everything you will ever need to know about calcium, including how to get the right stuff as well as what it can do for you and your body once you get it.

First Fact: Pure Calcium is Rare

It’s true! Raw, pure calcium is extremely hard to find, this is because of the way that calcium molecules’ chemical structure is built. This is why you’ll almost always find some variation of calcium when you look at the certain kinds of calcium. Now, while there are countless forms of calcium variations, I’d have to say that, overall, the most common ones are probably calcium sulfate, calcium citrate or calcium carbonate, all of which are used quite frequently as ingredients in calcium supplements.

Second Fact: Sourcing is Important

When you go to buy calcium supplements, whether online or at a store near you, you always have to be careful with your sourcing. This is because calcium can actually sometimes bind together with other elements that neither you, nor nobody else wants to be inside of their body.

Out of all the dangerous things it can bind to, lead is probably the most worrying, which is great for things like construction and chemistry, but once you consume it, it becomes a toxic heavy metal that wreaks havoc on every part of your, especially your nerves.

It even causes other nasty problems down the road, so please, please, please, be careful and make sure that when you’re sourcing calcium, that it’s been certified as lead-free.

Third Fact: Smaller is Better When It Comes To Calcium Dosage

It turns out that taking smaller doses of calcium as you go about your day is WAY better than just taking one big dose. This is because there’s been research that has shown that that body is only able to absorb 500mg of calcium at a time. Therefore, taking smaller amounts at a time will let you get much more calcium over the course of the day.


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