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14 Benefits Of Using More Unrefined Sea Salt in Your Food

14 Benefits Of Using More Unrefined Sea Salt in Your Food

Sea salt is an amazing thing…

Why? Because it contains so many vital nutrients, in such a small amount of calories.

What are these benefits? Well, we’re listing 15 of them below, so that you can see exactly how unrefined sea salt can help boost your health in so many ways, all at the same time…

Here they are, Enjoy!

1. First up on our list is heart health, unrefined sea salt can actually stabilize an irregular heart beat, on top of that it acts a normalizer to blood pressure… So not only are you taking care of the heart, but you’re also taking care of the blood as well.

2. Sliding into second, we have the fact that unrefined sea salt naturally detoxifies and alkalizes the cells in your body, having an especially great effect on brain cells.

3. It actually acts a natural antihistamine.

4. Coming in at number four… Unrefined sea salt, once inside the body becomes a natural stabilizer to your blood pressure.

5. Another one of the reasons it’s so amazing is that it can absorb nutrients in the intestinal tract, which in turn clears up the lungs a great deal, especially for those with asthma and other breathing conditions.

6. Besides just absorbing nutrients, it can also go straight to the nose and clear out all kinds of mucus that would otherwise become uncomfortable.

7. Using it with water actually helps to stop you from having muscle cramps during a workout…

8. You’ve probably noticed that when you consume a large amount of salt, that your mouth actually becomes very dry, if you were to use a smaller amount of sea salt, you would find that it actually prevents excess saliva in the mouth, without making your mouth incredibly dry.

Helps prevent excess saliva production- excess saliva production during sleep may indicate salt deficiency

9. Did you know that unrefined sea salt actually makes your body stronger, your bones to be exact… It’s been found that because of this, unrefined sea salt can actually help people with osteoporosis, along with anyone else.

10. It acts as a sleep regulator, so eat some salt before you go to bed, you’ll probably sleep better.

11. Say goodbye to gout, or at least make it a bit less irritating, adding some unrefined sea salt to your diet along with some other dietary changes can help with people who suffer from gout or arthritis.

12. Nobody likes spider veins, they’re ugly, they feel weird, and unrefined sea salt actually can help to get rid of them.

13. One of the main benefits of consuming unrefined sea salt is that you’re not consuming regular table salt, the reason for this is because is table salt is refined salt, it’s been stripped down into next to nothing when compared to it’s former self. Plus it often contains additives like aluminum silicate, a possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

14. You’d be shocked to learn how many people have a magnesium deficiency, and seeing as salt contains a fair amount of it, it’s not a bad idea to have some in order to get your levels up…

So there you have it, the full scoop on why you should be eating more unrefined sea salt, you’ve got the health benefits, the valuable nutrients, and te fact that it tastes pretty good on most other foods…



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