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10 Dangerous Halloween Hazards: Teach Your Kids To Avoid Them

10 Dangerous Halloween Hazards: Teach Your Kids To Avoid Them

Halloween is a time that so many kids look forward. For them it can be a little bit scary, while also being fun. For parents, Halloween comes with some major health concerns. Every year around Halloween time poison centers in America receive a peak in phone calls from concerned parents. Their concerns are usually about concerns of poisoned candy, dry ice and allergies. To minimize the risk of danger to your children, read these 10 tips on how to avoid dangerous Halloween hazards.

  • Inspect your kid´s candy before they eat them. Check the candy once your kids get home. That way, you can screen for possible hazards, especially if your kid has an allergy
  • If there is no way that the first tip is going to work, since your children are going to be eager to open the candy, take a flashlight with you. If it is already dark outside, this way you will be able to check the candy on the go.
  • Never take or eat any unwrapped candy. Also, if the candy wrapper seems loose or open, it is best to discard it.
  • Be extra cautious with homemade treats. It can be ok to accept homemade sweets from people very close to you, but you still have to make sure there are no ingredients used that might harm your kid´s health. Pay attention to how long homemade sweets stay fresh.
  • Never forget about allergies. If you child has an allergy to some ingredients, make sure to discard candy containing it. Also, warn other parents if your child has a severe allergy, so that the kids wouldn´t share possibly dangerous candy
  • All the walking and running around can wear you and your kids off. Remember to take water with you and avoid getting dehydrated
  • If you have small children, make sure that the treats do not contain small parts that the kid could choke on. Also, don´t allow your bigger kids to run around while eating candy.
  • Glow sticks sure make a great Halloween toy. Just make sure nobody cracks them open because chemicals inside can be very dangerous. They can cause serious skin irritation and can be very dangerous if eaten.
  • Be careful about using dry ice. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, and it can make an excellent Halloween decoration. But it is dangerous to touch it directly. Be extra cautious, if dry ice is used in drinks, because it can cause serious burns to skin, lips and mouth.
  • Make sure your kids use Halloween make up properly. Your kids could be allergic to some ingredients, which can cause skin irritation. Also, make sure that nothing gets in eyes or mouth.

Halloween is time for joy, but it´s best to take precautions rather than regret something. By using these tips, you will definitely feel safer.


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